Planex Invest with a New Office in Sofia


On July 4th 2018, Planex Invest - the investment consultancy company, opened its new office in Sofia. Plamen Andreev and Daniela Stefanova, managers of Planex Invest, thanked their partners and colleagues involved in the launch of the building. The inauguration ceremony of the new building was accompanied with a ritual blessing for health and prosperity.

Planex Invest’s office is located in Vitosha Quarter, in the Gama Building. The interior design and working environment solutions are distinguished by their undisputed elegance and convenience. All modern technological facilities and solutions optimizing work place efficiency are provided to guarantee high-quality and fast customer service. Gama Complex is a modern functional building, fully tailored to the needs of the active urban professional. It combines all the elements of contemporary and comfortable living environment – convenient access to key points in the capital city, a well-developed residential area, park proximity, innovative and quality construction performance.

Planex Invest provides the full range of construction and investment services, including pre-construction and concept design, design and environmental management, construction document preparation, construction, professional management and maintenance of buildings. Planex Invest is awards winning company, to mention only a few: The Golden Plumb Line Award, Building of the Year Award, Technological Business Building of the Year awarded by Innovation, Technology & Sourcing Awards 2017 second edition of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies.