Creating Quality Urban Public Spaces - a Benchmark for Corporate Culture and the Social Responsibility of the Building Contractor

regenerirane na gradski centur

"Regeneration of a City Centre" was the last panel discussion of the ARCHITECTURAL MEETINGS which took place on October 19th 2018, 6 PM, at Hall 128 of the University of Economics, Varna. Architectural Meetings cycle was organized by the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria – Regional College Varna in partnership with the Union of Architects in Bulgaria – Association Varna, #ReAnimatori Group, Culture Fund of Varna Municipality and the University of Economics.

Experts from different fields and background discussed the meaning of the 21st century city centre: pedestrian and bicycle locations and facilities, integration of innovative methods and approaches in urban architecture, public space and life and the urban as public realm. Professionals shared their experience in streets transformation projects in central city areas where the aim of conversion was prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle traffic thus providing a quality and affordable urban environment.

Urban design, urban planning and research were also topics of discussion. Urban public spaces and social life, factors that shape places and how urban life processes can be investigated, studied and documented became special focus of arguments and consideration.
The chief architect of Varna Municipality, urban planning specialists and citizens attended the meeting’s discussions.

Analysis of the urban environment and the work of Prof. Jan Geel's team present new challenges to local authorities and society. However, I believe that ‘actions’ should be reasonable and measured, taking into account national peculiarities, existing conditions and expected effects. A chain of success, projects implementation and the creation of good story examples will be more convincing to the public in regard to correctness of this approach, Plamen Andreev – Manager of Planex Invest, said.

Creating a quality environment around buildings is part of the process of changing the quality of urban environment. Many professionals such as urban planners, building designers, builders, developers, etc., are involved in the process. As an entrepreneur I would define the implementation of this process as an expression of the level of corporate culture and social responsibility, Plamen Andreev explained.

Planex Invest has such a project in Varna - VIVA residential complex. It showcases our ideas on a borough scale: smart urban planning, pedestrian zones, accessible environment and square spaces. Last but not least are the core details as components of urban spaces: water landscaping, decorative sculptures, etc. A successful project is the one giving priority to people and placing the man at the center of the concept - his freedom, security and good living conditions, Plamen Andreev, Manager of Planex Invest, added.