Sofia Is Becoming More of a Big European City Where Good Living Is Not Downtown

Inzh Plamen Andreev1

A new urban habitation theory aimed at a new housing product, sustainable architecture and respect for the natural resources is neededEng. Plamen Andreev, one of the most successful construction contractors, says. 

Sofia, November 8th, 2019

The construction and investment markets are in good shape. Construction output has increased but we must keep in mind that we ourselves can generate an overproduction crisis. Moderation in construction growth and, above all, good quality projects are needed, said Eng. Plamen Andreev, Manager of Planex Invest, at the BalREc 2019 conference held November 7th, 2019 at Sofia Event Center. This includes the pursuit of a new approach to viewing at projects not merely as buildings but as an environment with the best possible living conditions.

Leading investors and developers have identified the housing trends in 2019/2020. The major players on the real estate market pointed to modern approaches in housing planning where inhabitants’ health, comfort and safety are viewed as top priorities. Urban environment challenges and deficits in Sofia are partially related to the lack of ample zoning and a clear definition of housing types and types of construction. Investors see this inadequacy in urban structure as a niche to create small artificial oases in urban environment.

The compact city theory is very good, but design teams, investors and the municipality need to work together to achieve it. It is not our intent to create student dormitories types of buildings. Today, clients have a choice. The customer has much higher criteria for the living environment and the home itself. There is a tendency of buyers’ changing expectations that are changing the game for companies. Customers expect personalization. We need to customise everything and place individual person’s expectations at the foot of our construction business, not location, as it used to be. Environment and location are to be created, Eng. Plamen Andreev states.

It is a fact that in recent years there has been an increased interest in properties in the Southern Arc and the peripheral areas of the capital. This is easily explained by the desire for cleaner environment – nature, air, sun and climate in general, in contrast with air pollution downtown. Good transport connections thanks to the Ring Road and quick links to every part of Sofia, complex development of offices and dwellings in the area north of the Business Park, provide proximity to home and work, Eng. Andreev explains.

Planex Invest’s newest and largest project for Sofia – the residential complex Moreni Club Residence was first presented to BALREC. The complex of 13 multi-family apartment dwelling buildings, 26 semi-detached and 12 single-family houses will be set up on a 90 decares site south of Sofia Ring Mall and IKEA store. Project concept places nature first and sets high architectural and environmental standards. This is a closed-type residential complex with 24/7 security, CCTV and smart FM control of all maintenance processes. It is inspired by a higher respect for peoples’ living environment. Moreni Club Residence features genuine buildings’ location on the site, east-west-south exposure, panoramic view to Vitosha Mountain and clean environment. Urban development makes no alterations of the terrain to let the airflow free in and out.

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