For our clients we provide completion, interior design and furnishings of different types of properties.

Since the start of the company till the end of 2018, we have finished turnkey and furnished more than 20 000 m² (or 215,278 ft2) of properties: homes, holiday apartments, offices and shops. Our individual and corporate clients are more than 350.

Company’s interior design and completion specialists assist our clients with:

  • Tailored to client’s lifestyle, occupation, colour preferences, functionality and amenities individual interior design;
  • Planning, management and supervision of the overall completion and deliveries;
  • Master plan construction activities in compliance with the implementation technology requirements and the relevant materials;
  • Maintain effective communication with the client within the progress of the finishing works;
  • Finish the assignment in time and deliver the key of a property ready for occupancy.

Finishing works and furnishing require specific knowledge about materials and technologies, management versatility and a considerable team of professionals. Entrusting us with interior design, contracting orders, deliveries, repair, furniture assemble and clean up, customers save time and efforts.

Explore the photo gallery for a small portion of our furnished apartments.

If you wish us to help with design tailored interior decor, repair works, supply, furniture and equipment installation, please, contact us.