Planex Invest’s key activity is the development of Company’s own construction investment projects.

Stages of the process:

  • Real estate market conditions assessment and intelligence. Forecast;
  • Choosing the right sites to invest in real estate; formulating goals;
  • Elaboration of an integrated vision of the investment project: architectural designs and engineering-technical solutions, financial analysis;
  • Cost estimating and cost planning; quantity surveying; provision of funding; project execution planning;
  • Design of works; contract selection and contract administration of construction;
  • Project execution;
  • Marketing strategy;
  • Sales management;
  • Cost estimating and cost planning for the overall maintenance of the building after completion of construction and sales;
  • Warranty and post warranty service.

Apart for Company’s own projects, Planex Invest provides advisory services to other companies with regards to investment planning in construction and real estate.